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Existing mortgages Debt rescheduling

Existing mortgages Debt rescheduling. A loan for existing loans to restructure debt despite poor credit ratings or negative Credit Checker loans. A credit line for existing loans for rescheduling – even if Credit Checker is negative or poorly creditworthy, the special feature is that the loan is not always completed in accordance with standardized requirements, […]

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Mortgage fixation period is coming to an end?- Get interested in the new fixation already in the summer!

The end of the fixation period means for the client of the bank who is repaying the mortgage that the time has come to balance his loan. The bank will offer a new period of fixation with new conditions. It can also offer refinancing with its own but new mortgage product. And of course, the […]

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Continued increase in debt and large loans for Swedish households

Now the Earnwise Bank warns of households’ increased debt, again. One of the proposals raised for debate, in order to avoid a continued increase in debt burden, is to introduce a debt quota ceiling that limits how much each household can borrow, in contrast to its income. Swedish households continue to borrow money like never […]

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Loan and Credit Rating

Once the credit has been granted, the customer can request a withdrawal from Loan and Credit to transfer the amount they wish to their bank account. At the time of the withdrawal, the customer can also define the repayment period of the loan as he wishes. The minimum withdrawal is $ 50 and a 6% […]

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The non-payment of Greek debt would cost Spain about € 32,744 million

A question. If Grecía remained in the Euro, is there anything that guarantees us that it will not be necessary to disburse more money or, if so, that the money already disbursed will be returned in full or in part? If we are facing a bottomless pit, perhaps it is better to retire and assume […]

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The crisis is over !! Public administrations will pay their debts in weeks

It may be a somewhat optimistic headline but I sincerely believe that if in several weeks the public administrations in Spain pay all the debts they have with their suppliers, the Spanish economy will live a very important turning point. I would almost say that from there, we will begin to overcome and therefore to […]

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Request a loan in Spain for debt consolidation loan

Mortgage calculation salary or request a loan in Spain Home mortgage rates only 24 hours Simulation online mortgages: a1 first home loan Best bank loan rate Installment mortgage calculation Excel – Turin loans Personal loan ex government agency for mini loan noipa Loans only online for mortgage zero coupon Quick pay bad loans for a […]